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Stud Dogs

Here you can find a list and links to further information about our males or coming from our kennel.

They fulfill requirements for breeding in countries they live in and they are available for mating poodle ladies.

In our kennel

Gerry Paganiniho symfonie
Geb Paganiniho symfonie
Lord Tanus Teschiro
Bay Rock X Ambassadors Leonardo
Chanson d'ete Compliment
Severnaya Rosa Initio Ice And Fire
Jappeloup Paganiniho symfonie

Teschiro stud dogs

Taranis Teschiro
Ramses Teschiro
Rhadamantys Black Teschiro
Nobel Black Teschiro
Mr. Savelij Teschiro
Lord Imhotep Black Teschiro
Jasper Yves Teschiro
Indy Jones Teschiro
Happy Go Lucky Teschiro
Guliver Golden Boy Teschiro
Fabio Greyfun Teschiro
Edgar Allan Teschiro