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Indy Jones Teschiro - Indy and his Gallery

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Indy in his property :-)

Added 24.06.2024

Indy at home

Added 28.10.2020

Indy, face study

Added 08.02.2019

Indy and his family

Added 08.01.2015

Indy searching spring

Added 17.04.2014

Our trip to Bratislava and Indy's stud exam

Added 19.06.2013

Indy is preparing for his big day

Added 12.06.2013

Indy during Christmas

Added 11.01.2013

We visited Indy
I would like to thank all Kaisarova family for nice afternoon and super walk. I am happy Indy lives with such fantastic family. :-)

Added 11.10.2012

Indy and his normal day

Added 10.09.2012

Indy is playing

Added 21.05.2012

Indy after grooming, handsome boy

Added 03.04.2012

Indy, new fantastic phtos

Added 24.01.2012

Indy at home

Added 17.01.2012