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Gallery: Gerry Paganiniho symfonie (Gerry)

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Gerry successfully passed ZZO1 exam

Added 24.06.2024

Gerry after coat grooming

Added 05.01.2024

Gerry and trips

Added 21.10.2023

Gerry at trial in Kostelec

Added 31.07.2023

Gerry is Slovakian Champion


Added 28.06.2023

Gerry at trial in Pnov

Added 24.05.2023

Gerry and Theo


Added 14.03.2023

Gerry in forest

Added 03.12.2022

Gerry and Theo

Added 28.08.2022

Gerry run for Serbian Champion

Added 24.07.2022

Gerry was 4th at his first BH competition

Added 05.06.2022

Gerry trains and enjoies nature

Added 01.05.2022

Gerry at walks

Added 20.11.2021

Gerry is Czech Champion

Added 02.09.2021

Gerry at International dog show in Brno

Gerry during training

Added 13.07.2021

Gerry passed his first obedience exam

Added 13.06.2021

Gerry at walk ond with teddy bear

Added 11.05.2021

Gerry at nose work

Added 26.04.2021

Gerry trains

Added 24.02.2021

Gerry on snow

Added 23.01.2021

Gerry trains his nose

Added 04.12.2020

Gerry snapshots from his life

Added 08.10.2020

Gerry is preparing at his first obedience exam

Added 03.09.2020

Gerry on Slovakia

Added 30.07.2020

Gerry at show in Lysa


Added 04.07.2020

Gerry first time in adult class

Added 04.07.2020

Gerry in Junior class

Added 04.07.2020