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Gallery: Severnaya Roza Ice and Fire (Simba)

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Simba in Litomerice

Added 09.06.2024

Simba in Slovakia

Added 22.02.2024

Simba at shows in Prague

Added 28.08.2022

Simba won BIG#3

Added 24.07.2022

Simba at Nitra and Lysa nad Labem

Added 05.06.2022

Simba at Brno and Prague shows

Added 20.04.2022

Simba in Cerveny Ujezd

Added 03.12.2021

Simba in Wroclaw

Added 11.11.2021

First show of Simba

Added 02.09.2021

Simba, first photos

Added 11.07.2021